Become a better writer with this AI tool

When I first started writing articles as a free-lance writer, I realized I needed an AI tool. I tried Grammarly, but I found it confusing to use. I didn’t want a complicated AI with a whole bunch of functions because I am not tech-savvy. I wanted a simple, user-friendly, AI writing tool.

Become a better writer with this AI tool
  • I wanted an artificial writing tool that helped with my word phrasing.
  • I was looking for a tool to make suggestions when I got stuck.
  • I needed a tool to help me figure out which sentences were unclear.
  • I was hoping to find a writing tool to help me express what I was trying to say in the best way possible.
  • Finally, I needed a tool that checked all the grammar things.

All of this is done by the Artificial Intelligence Quillbot writing program, which turned my free-lance articles from great to excellent.

My concerns about using an AI writer were:

  • AI suggestions don’t always make sense. To begin with, one must write correctly, or the AI may produce confused text.
  • An AI writer may erase the writer’s “voice”. Our blog post readers still want to hear a human conversation when they read. While some blog articles may need to sound like a professor or business executive, most audiences want to feel like they are part of a casual conversation.

Free online AI Writer to use to write blog posts

I crafted top-notch writing articles by using Quillbot. I have always been a good writer in general, so I know that editing is key. Writing about something is easy. It’s the editing that makes the difference between a decent blog article and a terrific piece of writing.

Artificial Intelligence free online tool

Quillbot offers several functions. Quillbot has a free version and a paid version. I started with the free version, and after writing three freelance articles with the free version, I signed up for the paid version. The paid version is budget-friendly and worth its weight in gold.

Once I had used this tool for six months, I decided to become an affiliate. I’ve seen the impact this tool has made in my writing, and I want others to be able to improve their writing as well. Quillbot helps me write better while saving me time. Saving time allows me to write more content, which means I make more money simply by using artificial technology.

Quillbot is also ideal for writers like me who have never used an artificial writing tool before. I’m not “tech savvy”, but Quillbot is very easy to learn. All the free version requires is to click on the button for the function you want to use, then copy and paste, or type your text in the box. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The paid version is also simple. The paid version is an extension that connects to Google and a Word document. Read on to learn how you can improve your writing skills.

How to use this blog writing tool to make a good blog post great

The free online version of the Quillbot AI writer tool offers three functions:

  • Grammar Checker
  • Paraphraser
  • Summarizer

I will be discussing the Grammar Checker and the Paraphraser functions. These are the two functions I use as part of my writing process for each paid article I write for clients. I’ll be discussing how I use the main two features to take my freelance articles from “good” to “amazing” content writing.

Grammar Checker

The Grammar Checker is a great feature of this writing assistant. Of course, it shows errors in basic grammar issues such as capitalization and punctuation. However, what I find most valuable is the grammar function that points out poor sentences.

Quillbot writing AI tool Grammar Checker page

For example, if I have written a sentence that is clear but overly complicated, Quillbot’s grammar function highlights this and offers an alternative sentence.  If I write an unclear sentence, the grammar tool highlights the sentence and offers a substitute sentence.

Sometimes I replace my original sentence with the grammar checker’s suggested sentence. There are other times when I incorporate the AI’s suggested sentence with my own words to replace the original sentence.

In any case, the Grammar Checker sentence suggestions improve the quality of my writing and boosts the quality of my writing.


The Paraphraser is another great feature of the Quillbot AI for content writing. The paraphraser is what you use to put your sentences into other “voices”. It’s a tool to clarify what you are attempting to express as a writer. Using this feature also allows you to change the way your sentences sound to the reader.

AI writing tool free online Paraphraser. Say something differently.

Quillbot offers seven different “voices,” or artificial intelligence writing paraphrasers, for content writing. The free version offers “Standard” and “Fluency.” Continue reading to learn about each of the paraphrasers and how to use the paraphraser tools to improve your writing content.


The “Standard” paraphraser tool takes a conversational sentence to the next level. So, when I write a sentence that sounds like I’m chatting with my neighbor, it takes that sentence and changes it to sound less casual.


I really love the “Fluency” paraphraser tool. I have some sentences that I question if they sound correct or not. Sometimes when I’m writing, I get bogged down and lose perspective. When I use the “Fluency” AI, I test sentences to make sure they are not confusing.


I use the “Formal” AI feature based on the topic I am writing about. So, if I am writing a factual article about an animal, I will write 75% of that article in a formal voice. The “Formal” function corresponds to the factual.


I don’t use the “Simple” AI feature much for blog post articles. I use this to suggest blurbs to post for excerpts.


I use the “Creative” function of the Quillbot writing tool to spice up my own blog posts or freelance blog posts. However, some free-lance writers may not need to use this frequently. It depends on one’s writing style.

For example, I am a technical writer rather than a creative one. Since my natural writing style has a formal bent, my writing can sound stiff. Well, let’s get real. Formal writing is BORING. If I were to write 1200 words in a formal voice, it would sound to the reader like “blah, blah, blah” about halfway through.

I use the “Creative” AI function sparingly by sprinkling it throughout my article or post. The “Creative” AI voice adds some bounce and spark to my technical writing. Now, if one’s writing is more “creative” than “formal”, I suggest applying the same principle with the “Formal” AI feature. Applying the opposite AI paraphraser to one’s natural writing style, balances out written content for readability.


When I can’t think of what to write, I like to use the “Expand” AI paraphraser.  Applying the “Expand” AI paraphraser gives me more words to use. I don’t usually replace my original sentence with the expanded one. I use the “Expand” replacement sentence as a suggestion. Then I incorporate some of that expanded sentences into my own words. This gives me the ability to elaborate on writing content for that specific point in my article.


I don’t use the “Shorten” feature very much. This AI feature can be applied to decrease run-on sentences. Use the “Shorten” AI tool to write two short sentences in place of one long sentence.

Sign up for Quillbot and test it out for yourself!

Want to see how this AI works? Check out my YouTube video!

How to use this AI writing tool on YouTube

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