Easy Programs to Make Printables: 3 Absolute Beginner Picks!


Ever wondered about the magic behind those gorgeous printables you see all over the internet? Well, it all boils down to using easy programs to make printables. These design programs are key to turning ideas into visions.

The DIY printable wave has been taking the world by storm. Whether it’s planners that keep your life in check, quirky bookmarks that make reading a tad more fun, or even those cute little gift tags for special occasions, printables are where creativity meets functionality.

Continue reading to learn about the best tools in the business, personal tricks of the trade, and so much more! I can’t wait for you to embark on this creative journey with me!

What Program Do You Use to Create Printables?

Ready to get your hands dirty in the world of designing printables? Let’s quickly walk through the 3 easy programs to make printables that are about to be your new best friends: Creative Fabrica for graphics, Canva, and good ol’ PowerPoint.

  • Creative Fabrica for Graphics: Think of this as your cool, artsy pal who always knows where to find the best graphics. It’s basically a treasure trove of designs waiting to jazz up your projects!
  • Canva: This is your trendy friend who makes everything look effortlessly stylish. A platform that feels like it’s literally saying, “Don’t worry, I gotchu!” when it comes to design. Super user-friendly, and, trust me, even if you think you don’t have a designer bone in your body, Canva’s got your back!
  • PowerPoint: Ah, an oldie but a goodie! While it used to be the go-to for office presentations, don’t be fooled. It’s got some neat tricks up its sleeve for making classy printables.

Now, you might be thinking, “Out of all the tools out there, why these?” Great question, superstar!

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Here’s the lowdown for the easy programs to make printables:

  • User-friendly vibes: All three tools are intuitive. If you’re just starting out, they won’t make you pull your hair out in frustration. Instead, they’ll have you feeling like a pro in no time!
  • Budget-friendly: While there are loads of tools out there, these three are kind to your wallet. Creative Fabrica, Canva, and PowerPoint all have free versions!
  • Versatility: From quirky cards to professional brochures, these platforms can handle it all.
  • Community & Resources: Especially with Canva and Creative Fabrica, there’s a huge community and loads of tutorials. Feeling stuck? Someone’s probably been there, done that, and has a solution for you!

So, strap in, because you’re about to embark on a fantastic design journey with these three sidekicks to guide you. Let’s get designing!

Easy Programs to Make Printables Graphics: Creative Fabrica vs. Canva

Before you choose your tool for making printables, here’s a quick heads-up: you’re going to need some solid tools in your arsenal. Think graphics that pop, fonts that make a statement, and templates that streamline the whole process. Think of these as the paint, brushes, and canvas of the digital design world.

While platforms like Canva might be on your radar (and for good reason), there’s another contender that deserves a standing ovation: Creative Fabrica.

Easy Programs to Make Printables: Why Creative Fabrica is better than Canva

  • Variety is the Spice: Creative Fabrica is like a buffet. From snazzy graphics to stickers that scream fun, it’s a treasure trove. Creative Fabrica has every style, from watercolor to boho. On the other hand, Canva’s offerings, though decent, might feel a bit… well, limited.
  • License Clarity: Let’s talk legality! Creative Fabrica’s licensing is straightforward and newbie-friendly. Canva? Well, their license can be a maze if you’re new to the designing game, especially when you’re eager to get those printables out there without a hitch.

Now that you’re primed on the basics, let’s explore Creative Fabrica in all its glory!

What on earth is Creative Fabrica?

  • Design Haven: Imagine a playground filled with fonts, graphics, clip art, and crafts. That’s Creative Fabrica for you!
  • All-in-one Stop: Whether you’re hunting for unique fonts, playful illustrations, or crafty resources, this platform’s got the whole shebang.

Here’s how Creative Fabrica shines especially bright in the graphics realm:

  • Diverse Collection: From cutesy doodles to professional icons, CF has graphics for every mood and project.
  • Top-notch Quality: Every design feels like it’s been curated with love and professionalism. You’re getting some real premium stuff here!
  • Affordable: From monthly to annual rates, Creative Fabrica is affordable for every budget.

Signing up for Creative Fabrica (and downloading fun) is as easy as Pie:

  1. Sign Up & Explore: Just hop on their site, create an account, and let your explorer flag fly.
  2. Choose Your Graphics: Use their intuitive categories or search function to find what tickles your fancy.
  3. Download & Design: Once you’ve got what you need, download and start integrating into your printables

Here are some tips to ace your printable design using Creative Fabrica:

  • Stay Updated: They’re always rolling out new designs. So, keep an eye on their ‘New Arrivals’ or ‘Trending’ sections.
  • Mix and Match: Combine elements from different graphics packs for a unique twist.
  • Know Your Licenses: They offer different license types. Ensure you pick the right one based on your project’s needs.
  • Experiment with Colors: Play with colors to make them align with your brand or theme.

Alright, design star, that’s your quick guide to making the most of Creative Fabrica as one of the easiest programs to make printables Continue reading to find out which platform you want to create your designs on.

Easy Programs to Make Printables: The New Kid on the Block

Ever thought of having a digital magic wand that instantly transforms your ideas into stunning visuals? Well, say “hello” to Canva for printable graphic designs!

What’s Canva?: Picture this: a platform so user-friendly that even your cat could probably design with it (just kidding…or am I?). Canva is all about simplicity. With its intuitive interface, you can drag, drop, and dazzle without breaking a sweat.

Kicking Off with Canva: Ready to get started with printables? Get ready for the ride on the Canva-coaster!

  • Choose a design type or use custom dimensions.
  • Browse Canva’s vast selection of templates or, if you’re feeling gutsy, start from scratch!
  • Add in elements, text, and anything your heart desires. The world’s your oyster!
  • Pro-tip: Need an in-depth dive? Check out my Detailed guide on making your Canva design printable.

Dimensions & Layouts Decoded: Getting your design to look great on-screen is one thing, but ensuring it prints perfectly? That’s where the real magic happens.

  • Set up the right design dimensions. Think of this as your canvas size. Whether it’s an A4, a postcard, or any other size, get it right from the get-go.
  • Layouts matter! Canva offers a ton of grids and frames to help structure your design. Remember, balance is key.
  • All About That Quality: So, you’ve designed a masterpiece. Great! But before you hit print, let’s chat about output quality.
    • Always, and I mean ALWAYS, download your designs in high-resolution. No one likes pixelated printables, right?
    • Experiment with different formats. Canva offers a range of formats, from JPG to PDF. Find what’s perfect for your project.
    • If you are downloading your designs as a PDF, don’t forget to check the “Flatten PDF” box.

There you have it, the second of the easy programs to make printables! Canva demystified in a nutshell. Ready to take on the design world? With Canva as your canvas, you’re all set to shine.

Easy Programs to Make Printables: PowerPoint the OG

Let’s shine a spotlight on PowerPoint’s lesser-known talents!

Let’s chat about a tool you’ve probably used a gazillion times, but maybe not like this. Introducing PowerPoint—yep, that’s right! As the third easy program to make printables, this OG presentation tool has a few tricks up its sleeve, making it an unexpected champ for crafting printables.

Rethinking PowerPoint: So, we all know about (sometimes begrudgingly) using PowerPoint for those slide shows, be it for school, work, or that one time you convinced your family to watch your vacation slides. But surprise, surprise! PowerPoint is also a fab tool to design printables. Why? It’s simple and straightforward, and chances are, you’ve already got it on your computer.

Setting the Stage (or Slide): Before you dive in, it’s crucial to get the dimensions right. Here’s a quickie guide:

  • Open PowerPoint and select a ‘Blank Presentation.’
  • Go to the ‘Design’ tab.
  • Click on ‘Slide Size’ and choose ‘Custom Slide Size.’ Here, you can set your desired width and height, making sure it’s all printable-friendly.
  • And voilà! Your canvas awaits.

Designing Like a Pro with PowerPoint:

  • Templates Galore: PowerPoint comes loaded with a bunch of templates. Explore them! You’d be surprised at what could be repurposed for a printable.
  • Shapes & Text Boxes: The ‘Insert’ tab is your BFF. Use shapes to create visually engaging designs and text boxes to, well, insert text (obviously!).
  • Color & Effects: Don’t just stick with the defaults. Dive into the ‘Format’ options to play with colors, gradients, shadows, and more.
  • Images & Graphics: Drag and drop images directly onto your slide. Resize, crop, or even apply artistic effects. It’s all there!

Who knew PowerPoint could be this cool? So the next time you’re looking to whip up a snazzy printable, don’t forget about this old friend. It might just surprise you!

Easy Programs to Make Printables: How Do I Start Creating Printables?

You’ve got this itch to create printables, but you’re thinking, “Where the heck do I start?” Fret not! Here’s your mini roadmap to start your journey into the printable paradise.

Purpose, Please!: Before anything, take a step back and ponder.

  • What’s the Goal?: Is it a birthday card? A planner? An intricate wall art design?
  • Who’s it for?: Yourself? A friend? Your audience? Understand your audience’s taste—it’s like cooking a meal by keeping their preferences in mind!

Tool Time: Quick recap, remember? I discussed 3 easy programs to make printables:

  • Creative Fabrica for those exclusive, versatile graphics.
  • Canva, your digital buddy, makes designing a cakewalk.
  • PowerPoint, the surprising underdog with its range of features: Choose your weapon wisely!

Design, Design, Design: Now, the fun part!

  • Color Coordination: Stick to a palette. Try this trick, using a photo with Coolors.com
  • Typography Tricks: Mix and match fonts, but not too many. Balance is key.
  • Layout Love: Ensure elements aren’t too crammed. Give them space to breathe.
  • Consistency: If you’re creating a multi-page planner or an eBook, keep a uniform vibe.

Trial Time: You wouldn’t wear a dress without trying it on, right? Similarly:

  • Test Print: Sometimes, colors look different on paper than on screen. Always run a test print.
  • Feedback Fun: Show your design to a few pals. Fresh eyes can spot things you miss.

Voila! You’re on your way to being a printable pro. Start with enthusiasm, sprinkle in some creativity, and garnish with love. Happy designing as you learn to use these easy programs to make printables !

Easy Programs to Make Printables: My Personal Method

Ever felt like creating something snazzy but just didn’t have hours to spare? Or maybe you were craving a professional touch without doing a 4-year design degree?

Enter: Canva PLR Templates. And if you’re scratching your head thinking, Canva, wha…?”, let me break it down!

  • Canva PLR Templates Unwrapped: PLR stands for “Private Label Rights.” In the design world, it means you get templates you can customize, rebrand, and call your own. It’s like buying a house and then painting it your favorite color.
  • Why I’m All About Them:
    • Time-Saver Extraordinaire: Instead of staring at a blank screen for hours, you kickstart with a template. Think of it as having a base layer of paint on that canvas. It’s also 75% faster to stylize a template than to create one from scratch.
    • Pro Vibes: We’re talking top-notch, professionally designed templates here. The kind that makes your designs scream, “Look, Ma! I’m all polished!”
    • Custom Queen (or King): Even with these templates, there’s no cramping your style. Morph them, tweak them, jazz them up—make them uniquely yours.
  • Creative Fabrica’s Treasure Trove: If you have a subscription to Creative Fabrica, there are lots of Canva templates! Whether it’s a social media post, an e-book cover, or yes, those beloved planners, it’s all there.

So, the next time you’re looking for easy programs to make printables, consider starting with a Canva PLR template.

Now that you’re armed with knowledge about these easy programs to make printables, the only thing left to do is jump in!

Dive into the world of design, explore these easy programs to make printables, and let your creativity run wild.

Whether you’re crafting for fun, gifting, or even starting a little side hustle selling, the journey is yours to shape.

Oh, and before you dash off, hit that subscribe button and get some free PLR!

Stay magical, and I wish you the best success!

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