Three Free Etsy Shop Keyword Tools to grow your Sales

We all need an Etsy shop keyword tool so you can take your shop to the next level and make more sales.

Are you an Etsy shop seller that started a shop with no other online selling experience? Me too. Did you make sales but want more sales? Me too. I thought all I had to do was build my shop and Etsy would bring me traffic. End of story. I did make sales and I continue to make sales, but I want MORE.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not naturally “tech savvy”. That’s why Etsy was my first online sales platform. I know how to make digital downloads, but that’s about it. I can’t even say “explain it to me like I’m a fourth grader,” because I’m not even as tech-savvy as a fourth grader. However, I found that I don’t need to be tech savvy to use an Etsy shop keyword tool to increase my shop’s sales.

There are two main components to increasing your Etsy shop’s sales. One is product research and the other is listing optimization. Once you build these two components into your shop, then you can work on the extras. An example of an extra is to build your social media platforms to drive traffic to your shop. Or maybe make another shop to sell different products in.

However, until the basics of selling products based on research and having all of your listings optimized happens, there’s nothing to build on. I tried out and used three keysearch tools when I had my Etsy shop up for three months. I had sixty listings at the time I started using the first Etsy keyword tool. Before you try any of these tools, you need to have a minimum of thirty listings in your shop.

how erank can help your etsy shop get more sales, but it is hard to use

Each of these free Etsy keyword tools has a free version so you can try it out. The free version of the first first tool, has limited features and the number of monthly listings that can be researched is reduced.

Each of these tools helps with Etsy keyword research, which is basically just finding out what tags to use for your product. Tags play a heavy part in Etsy’s SEO. Etsy SEO is what allows buyers to find the product they are looking for. Everything that goes into your listings is how you end up in the search results. The better your listings, the easier buyers can find your products. These free Etsy keyword tools will help you grow your sales.

Etsy Shop Keyword Tool: E-Rank Pro’s and Con’s


  • Status Message on Dashboard, Here’s mine: Did you know you have sold more items than 82% of other shops on Etsy?”
  • Dashboard shows Top 5 “Trending on Etsy” products searched.
  • Users like the “Spotted on Etsy” feature.


  • The amount of categories and information on the dashboard is overwhelming.
  • This is a platform built for sellers with background knowledge of what all that stuff means.
  • I can find the same “spotted on Etsy” data with the Sell on Etsy app, in a much easier format.

I did find E-Rank helpful to update my listings. However, I had a huge learning curve to learn how to understand how to use what information. Even once I learned how to use it, it took so much time. I don’t find E-Rank the best tool to target my top two building blocks for my shop: Product Research and Listing Optimization.

Etsy Shop Keyword Tool: Everbee

If you choose to sign up with my affiliate link, either free or paid version, I will give you a free Etsy Shop Audit listing. Just let me know on my Facebook page so I can get your shop info and post the YouTube video when I am done.


  • Everbee is a great tool for product research.
  • Easy format to see how much the shops are selling for the product your searched for.
  • It’s only $7 per month and can be used to gather tags for a product quickly.


  • Everbee doesn’t help with listing optimization.
  • You need background seller knowledge to understand how to apply this for increasing shop sales.
  • The tags are being used by other shops, there is long tail keywords or original keyword search tags suggested.

I really do love Everbee for product research. If I had a shop that only required product research, I would not have looked for another tool. I remain an Everbee affiliate, simply because it is a great tool for shop owners who only need product suggestions.

The Etsy shop keyword tool alura is great for getting more sales in  your etsy shop

Etsy Shop Keyword Tool: Alura


  • The Dashboard is so simple, it’s easy for beginners w ho have not used analytics before.
  • Listing Helper targets every part of a listing for 100% optimization.
  • Keyword Finder: Saves time with custom tags and copy/paste function.
  • Alura is an SEO tool that takes the mystery out of Etsy SEO while helping us learn as update our shop listings.


  • Alura recommends six photos instead of ten.
  • Alura doesn’t note if a video is missing for a listing.

If you don’t know all the terminology for Etsy SEO and how the parts tie in together in the search results so buyers can find your listings, no worries. You will find out that keywords and tags are the same thing, they are used interchangeably, with this tool.

However, it’s easy for me to remember to use all ten pictures and put up a video. It is not as easy for me to remember to put my main tags in the title, the description, and to use long tail keywords for tags.

Get Alura here and use my coupon code MELISSA30 to receive 30% off the premium membership (20$).

Change listings according to the Etsy Handbook

The Alura Listing Helper Tool will call out specific things to change in a listing, and all the things it requires for it’s 100% optimization score, line up with the Etsy Handbook.

Alura has all the things! It has the simple product researcher that Everbee has. It has the listing optimization features that E-Rank has. The listings helper is so easy to read and use in conjunction with the keyword finder. It’s also a great tool for beginners who don’t understand Etsy search engine optimization. Because Alura breaks each part down into pieces, it helps a beginner learn how all of those pieces work together for Etsy analytics.

Check the Keyword Finder out in action here!

If you choose to sign up with my affiliate link, with the free version or paid version, I will give you a free Etsy Shop Audit Listing. Just let me know on my Facebook page so I can get your shop info and post the YouTube video when I am done.

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