How to make money on Creative Fabrica

How to make money on Creative Fabrica

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A Creative Fabrica subscription is key for any creator who makes digital downloads. No matter what platform you are on, there’s something for every creator. Whether it’s mockups, social media images, or KDP, handcrafts like sewing patterns and machine embroidery, you will find it here. Not to mention graphics, more graphics, fonts and more fonts. Creative Fabrica is a great side-hustle platform to add to your blogging business, or just an easy way to add extra passive income. Here’s how I make money on Creative Fabrica.

You don’t have to be a designer to make money on Creative Fabrica.

I opened my shop the same year I began making printables to sell to bloggers and in my Etsy shop. It makes sense to make money as a seller on the same platform I am a buyer on. Creative Fabrica does have a higher commission fee than some other platforms, but it costs nothing to list. Well, it does take time, but compared to Etsy, listing time is much faster.

I have a tip for making graphics to sell, graphics that I get from Creative Fabrica. Even though Creative Fabrica graphics and other products are for commercial use, there are rules. I create products with graphics I get from Creative Fabrica that doesn’t break licensing rules. Read on for my tips on what to make and how.

Make money on Creative Fabrica by Creating for Creators.

How I make money on Creative Fabrica listings

One of the reasons I make a consistent income from my shop is that I make products for other creators. Think about it. Creative Fabrica started in 2016 as “a marketplace for digital assets” and who uses digital assets? Creators That means their biggest audience is creators. This translates into, as a seller on this platform, my biggest audience is other creators.

As a creator, I make products that other creators can use. That is, I’m selling “B2B”, or business to business. I sell all types of products and I write in my description who they are for. For example, I have journals and planners; I have large graphic scenes; and I have cards and forms. The large graphic scene can be used for cards and e-book covers, among other things. When you make a product, consider the kinds of creators you are making it for. Know what your product can be used for, and put all of this in your description. Knowing what creators can use your item for will help you choose what to create.

Check the promotional boxes so your listings can make money on Creative Fabrica

You need to have one platform in order to get your Creative Fabrica shop approved. This is part of the vetting process. I used my Etsy shop as my reference platform.

Once you are approved, you can list your first item. The listing page is pictured above. See the boxes at the bottom of the page? Make sure to check those boxes. The boxes are promotional and in my experience, your products are more likely to be seen if they are available as promotional products.

Tips for making money on Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica analytics are not as clear as other platforms. So I did my own experiments. I listed some listings without checking those boxes. Mainly because I pay commission anyway, and I did not want to discount my products any more in price. However, I noticed something when I did not opt in to the promotional boxes for my listings. My products were not favorited, and my downloads were non-existent. As soon as I started listing products and opted into those promotional boxes? My products were favorited more, my downloads returned to normal, and I was able to make more money with my Creative Fabrica platform.

how to make more money on creative fabrica analytics

While this is not hard-core data, I encourage you to do your own A/B split test, experiment, and see what works for your listings. Note: the promotional boxes appear to be the most effective on holidays. This is the main reason why I have so many seasonal items in my shop.

Show off your products. More views = more downloads = more money on Creative Fabrica

After having a hundred listings and having my shop for a year+, I have noticed a difference when I promote my products. While I do get downloads when I don’t share on Facebook, Pinterest, or my email list, there is a notable increase when I do promote. As with anything, however, promoting my CF products is FUN. Most of my audience have a subscription, so it doesn’t cost them anything.

As a subscriber of this platform, I simply heart it when others are sharing stuff because I can get it for free. Another thing, if you are friendzies with other people who have shops and are part of the CF affiliate program, each of you can promote the other’s listings. Yes, it may create a bit of graphic hoarding, but it’s harmless fun!

How to create graphics to make money on Creative Fabrica

I developed a method to make my own graphics by using other graphics. I use both PowerPoint and Canva to do this. Now, YOU need to be very careful that you know the licensing terms of each platform. ( I am NOT liable if you use this method and get in trouble for not being familiar with, or breaking licensing terms.) Remember, each platform is going to have its own licensing terms. I did a lot of reading to figure out what was okay and not okay. Make sure you cover your own ass by understanding licensing terms. Never trust anyone else’s “translation” of licensing terms.

How to make money on Creative Fabrica journal

That being said, I have made these graphics with success and it doesn’t take any extra time at all. Since CF is a side hustle and a passive income hustle, you don’t want to be selling your best products or your most time-consuming products. The products I list are either as a creative outlet or they take very little time to make. Time is money. My method is also simple. I am not a “tech savvy” person. So if you want to make your own graphics, check out the video. Because showing is easier than telling. Anyone can do this, and I wish you much success!

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