How Etsy sellers save time with Canva Mockups

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How Etsy sellers save time by using Canva Template Mockups

Today we’re going to talk about how to use Canva mock-ups for digital downloads. You can buy mock-ups for digital download products on Etsy by searching for “Etsy mock-ups.”

I have made special Canva mockups for other Etsy sellers to help them easily make Etsy listing ads. If you sell digital downloads, such as planners, there can be a variety of pages to show.

The right mock-ups can save so much time when creating Etsy listing ads. I absolutely love mock-ups, but I ended up having to make my own because I like backgrounds. So anyway, I’m going to show you how to use mock-ups on Canva to save you time when creating listing images for your Etsy shop.

Set of Canva mockup templates for Etsy shops

How to use Canva Mockups for your Etsy shop listings

A set of mockups usually looks something like this. These are good mockups if you only have five pages to show in your images. But I have things that are like 27 pages, 10 pages, all the way down to this SINGLE page Canva Etsy Mockup that I made for myself.

I did buy this one that I really liked and used to show coloring pages. Etsy digital download sellers need to show all the pages of their product on the first listing though.

I couldn’t find a set of mockups to purchase that had pre-sized images to show all of my pages for my product on the first thumbnail image.

Create Etsy listing pictures and videos with Canva Mockups

I have been using the Canva mockups I created for a client’s shop images. I’m updating her ads with my mockups and optimizing her listings. So you can see here how all the cards are laid out, and then in the other templates I show different features of the cards.

It can be a challenge to show all of your pages only using ten images. In the Canva mockups, the images are pre-sized. It just fits into the Canva mockup template. Using Canva and these mockups, you can create both your Etsy listing images and video in less than ten minutes.

This PLR Canva Templates Mockup Set I made has a range of 1 page layouts to 20 page layouts all in one set. So you can mix and match for your Etsy listings.

Canva mockup template for Etsy printables

Here is an example of another mockup that has multiple pages to show. The mockup template frames are all the same size. This way, all one has to do is fit a picture into a frame and all of the pages can be shown in a thumbnail image.

Canva mockup for Etsy shop how to use Canva for Etsy printable listing

Let’s use, as another example, a one-page product. We go to the mockup and fit the page. Boom. The second one will fit it in there because I have the frames that pre-size the image, and boom. This one has a background.

This first mockup template in the set gives you a different way to show the page. So here I use a social media photo. You can either use this social media photo or replace it with a different one from Canva. There’s also a place to put a small Canva element, which can be used to accent your printable theme.

Different Canva Mockups to use for your Etsy printables shop

There are also places to add or change text in the Canva mockup templates. After fitting your image into each frame, you can easily edit the heading. Then, you can edit the words and text that emphasize something about your product. The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true. Potential buyers are usually shopping on their phones, and they are not always going to have time to read a lengthy description. It’s important to attract their attention with images and video.

At the end of the post you can watch a video showing how it works with my Etsy Mockup Canva template.

There are even Canva Mockups for Bookmarks! Below is my Etsy size Bookmark template set.

Again, I found bookmarks easy to make with a template, but I wanted something simple to show how pretty they are in real life. I also wanted a SINGLE template to use for BOTH the bookmarks and the mockups. So I created THIS. (This is now PLR that low content sellers can sell to others for personal use)

Canva Template For Etsy Greeting Cards

This is another mockup set I made because I was so tired of creating spending so much time on listing images. These are already sized for Etsy, and you can change the backgrounds. Just find desktop or surface background on Unsplash or Creative Fabrica, upload, change the background and tada! Ten listing images done in less then 15 minutes!

The more potential buyers have to look at, the longer they stay in your shop. The longer they stay in your shop, the more likely they are to purchase something. Images need to be interesting, professional, and presented with clarity so the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing from your Etsy shop.

How do I use Canva Mockups for my Etsy shop?

Canva mockups and templates of any type will cut down on 75% of the time it takes to make your pictures for your Etsy listings. You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to Canva either.

What you need to know how to do on Canva to use your Canva Mockups:

How to change text in a Canva Mockup Template for Etsy
How to Change Text in a Canva Mockup
  • How to upload images
  • How to add images and elements
  • How to change text
  • How to download Mockup images as PNGs

How to use Canva Mockups for Etsy Printables-Step by Step

When you purchase a mock-up, you will receive a PDF with a link to your Canva Mockup Template.

  1. Click on the link and open your template.
  2. Click on “Upload Files” and choose the images you want to upload.
  3. After uploading your images, drag each one into a frame that you desire.
  4. Click on the text you want to change. Then, you can either click on the “font” box above your mockup on the right side panel, or “Text” on the left hand side bar.
  5. If you want to change the background of your image, click on the background. Then choose from the color box above your mockup on the right side panel.
  6. Finally, you need to change the elements. You can change or add small elements to your mockup design. You can also add or replace a background picture with Canva elements.
How to use elements with your Canva Template for your Etsy shop
How to add elements to a Canva Mockup Template

How to add elements to your Canva Mockups

  1. Click on the background section of your template so it is highlighted.
  2. Click on “Elements” in the left hand row, then enter the type of element you want in the “Search” box. (I used “heart”)
  3. Choose what option you want to use for your elements from the choices under the Search box.
  4. Then, click on the element you want to use. The element will then be placed inside your mockup.
  5. You may have to resize the element to fit into your mockup image. Just drag one of the element corners of the outline to resize it.

How to download the Canva Mockup images for use in a Etsy shop listing

Once you have designed all of the pages of the mockup template, you are ready to download it. This template can be downloaded in two version. The first version is for your Etsy shop listing images, and the second version is for your Etsy shop listing video. Being able to use a template for both your shop images and video, not only saves time but it helps with Etsy Shop optimization.

  1. In the upper right hand corner, to the far right, is a box with an arrow above it. Hover over that box, and it will say “Share”.
  2. When you click on it, a new window will open. Scroll down then click on the “Download” option.
  3. The next window that opens will say “File type”. Make sure that PNG is in the File Type window, then simply hit “Download”.
  4. After those have been downloaded, repeat the process except for the last step. Instead of downloading as PNG, download as MP4. That will be your listing video.
How to make an Etsy shop video with a Canva Template
How to download a Canva Template for Etsy Shop images

Final tips for using your Canva mockup template for printables:

  • Do use PNGs for your listing images.
  • Do use a subscription such as Creative Fabrica to mix with Canva elements and backgrounds to help your product images stand out.
  • Do experiment with the “Animate” feature at the top of the right had box, for special video effects.
  • Do experiment with the “Styles” feature in the left hand column to get proven color combinations.
  • Do infuse your personality when designing your Canva mockup template for your products.

See how to use a Canva mockup in action! See video below!

Etsy shop hacks tips and more

How to make an awesome Etsy shop Video

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