How to Use ChatGPT and SEO to Find Printables Ideas to Sell
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How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables to Sell

Hey there, aspiring entrepreneur! Wondering How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables to Sell? You’re in the right place! With the surge in popularity of digital printables like planners and bookmarks, there’s never been a better time to jump into this bustling market. But we’re not just talking about any printables; we’re talking about printables that sell like hotcakes!

In this blog post, we’re going to unleash the magic and give you an insider’s look into leveraging the powerful duo of ChatGPT and SEO. Get ready to explore:

  • The Rise of Printables: Why these digital creations are more than just pretty pixels; they’re a lifestyle!
  • The Power of ChatGPT: How this advanced AI technology can help you brainstorm out-of-the-box printable ideas.
  • The SEO Game: Unveil the art of Search Engine Optimization to discover market gaps and place your printables in the spotlight.
  • The Perfect Blend: Tips and tricks for harmonizing ChatGPT and SEO, bringing your printable ideas to the forefront of the digital marketplace.

So, gear up to turn your creative thoughts into a lucrative online business. Continue reading to find out how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables to sell, and transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality!

Why you need to use ChatGPT and SEO to Create Printables that are Marketable

When it comes to selling digital products online, whether on platforms like Etsy or through your own blog or shop, finding marketable products is crucial for success. This is where an SEO search engine tool is a game-changer. Tools like Keysearch, Everbee, and Alura offer valuable insights and data to help you optimize your digital products and improve their visibility in search engine results.

One of the general SEO tools that can benefit sellers across different platforms is Keysearch. This tool allows you to perform keyword research, analyze competition, and track rankings. By using Keysearch, you can uncover the most popular keywords related to your digital products, understand their search volume, and identify the level of competition associated with those keywords. This knowledge is invaluable for helping you optimize your product titles, descriptions, and tags to increase the likelihood that potential customers will find you.

However, if you’re selling on a platform like Etsy, it’s worth considering platform-specific SEO tools like Everbee and Alura. These tools are designed specifically for Etsy sellers and offer insights and features tailored to the unique characteristics of the Etsy marketplace. They provide keyword research, competition analysis, and other metrics specific to Etsy, giving you an edge in optimizing your listings and reaching your target audience effectively.

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO to Find Printables Ideas to Sell

How to use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables: Etsy Products

In the dynamic world of Etsy selling, SEO tools are more than just beneficial – they’re essential. Two such tools that are known for their efficiency in boosting Etsy product visibility are Everbee and Alura. They have been specifically designed to cater to Etsy sellers and provide ton of insights tailored to the unique dynamics of the Etsy marketplace.

You might be wondering, “Which of these tools should I opt for?” The answer to that question largely depends on your personal preference, the market you’re targeting, and which tool’s interface you find easier. Both Everbee and Alura are equipped with features that can aid in enhancing your Etsy store’s SEO strategy, making your products more discoverable.

Both Everbee and Alura have free versions and offer plug-ins. E-Rank is also an Etsy SEO tool, in my experience, it’s more “techy” and also seems better for “handmade sellers” versus “digital sellers”.

As an experienced user of both of these tools, I can vouch for their effectiveness. However, I do have a preference between the two, based on the nuances of my market and how user-friendly I find each tool’s interface. Curious to know which tool earned my top spot? I discuss this in detail in a dedicated blog post, which you can read HERE. Please note that both the Alura and Everbee links I share are affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to make a purchase using these links.

Remember, the key to choosing the right tool is to consider what fits best with your goals, working style, and the specific needs of your Etsy shop. Make sure to take full advantage of the free trials these platforms offer to find your perfect match. Once you find the right tool to use when you learn how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables, you’ll be well on your way to unleashing the magic and optimizing your Etsy shop for success!

The Power of SEO Tools Across Platforms

Maximizing Visibility for Digital Products: The Power of SEO

On the other hand, if you’re selling digital products on your own blog or a platform like Payhip, a non-platform specific SEO tool like Keysearch is highly beneficial. It empowers you to uncover relevant keywords, assess their search volume and competition, and optimize your product descriptions to attract organic traffic from search engines.

By utilizing an SEO tool like Keysearch, you can discover untapped keyword opportunities, enhance your product’s visibility, and drive more potential customers to your digital products.

Regardless of the platform you choose to sell your digital products on, the key is to understand what people want, and how to get your printables seen. SEO search engine tools like Keysearch, Everbee, and Alura enable you to gain valuable insights into keyword trends, competition analysis, and ranking performance.

By leveraging these tools, you can make informed decisions about choosing your digital products and increase your chances of being discovered by potential customers. More importantly, you need to do research AHEAD of time to see what people are looking for and the terms to use so your creation isn’t buried. This is how my method of “How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for printables” was born.

A creative outlet is one thing, a creative outlet + making money is much better.

Remember, in the competitive world of digital product sales, visibility is essential. Spending that extra time learning how to use SEO search engine tools allows you to stay ahead of the curve, discover marketable products, and optimize your listings to maximize your reach and increase your sales potential.

So, whether you’re selling on Etsy, a blog, or a platform like Payhip, incorporating a basic SEO tool into your marketing strategy can make a significant difference in your success. If you learn how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables as part of your product research, you are ahead of the game.

how to use chatgpt and SEO to find printables to sell

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables: Powerful Partners

Keysearch: Keysearch is a super handy tool that makes life a whole lot easier, even if you are an SEO beginner. So, what the heck is SEO, you ask? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s all about getting your digital product to rank higher in search engine results. And that’s where Keysearch comes in.

Keysearch is like your personal SEO sidekick. It helps you find the right keywords to target so that your website can climb the search engine ranks.

You know those words or phrases people type into search engines when they’re looking for something? Well, Keysearch helps you figure out which ones are the most popular and have the least competition. Using low competition “Keyphrases” helps your product be seen.

Not only does Keysearch help you find those golden keywords, but it also provides you with all sorts of nifty data. (However, I wouldn’t worry about all the data if you are a brand new user.) Keysearch has a reasonable monthly fee. ($17 a month in 2023)

ChatGPT: Imagine having a super-smart AI buddy that you can have a chat with about anything under the sun. Well, that’s exactly what ChatGPT is. It’s an AI-powered language model that’s been trained on a massive amount of data to understand and generate human-like text.

ChatGPT can have conversations with you, answer your questions, and provide helpful information on a wide range of topics. It’s similar to having a knowledgeable friend who is always willing to help, whether you need assistance with a challenging question or some original ideas.

Understanding Keysearch and ChatGPT: Powerful Partners for Generating Profitable Printable Ideas

But don’t worry, ChatGPT isn’t just a know-it-all robot. It’s designed to be friendly and conversational, so you can have a more natural and enjoyable interaction. Just type in your question or topic, and ChatGPT will do its best to provide you with a helpful response.

Keep in mind that while ChatGPT is pretty darn impressive, it’s not infallible. It’s still an AI, so it’s not going to give you the perfect answer. That’s why ChatGPT results are a tool that comes second to your brain, and makes an awesome partner with Keysearch, which is data.

So there you have it! Keysearch and ChatGPT are two awesome tools that can make your life easier in different ways. When finding products to sell, learning how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables, these tools have got your back.

To see How to Use ChatGPT and SEO to Find Printables Ideas to Sell on YouTube, check here.

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables: Key Search

To kickstart your product research journey, we’ll start with KeySearch.

The first step in learning how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables to sell, is to use Keysearch. The goal is to identify popular topics with high demand but low competition.

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO to Find Printables Ideas to Sell: Key Search

Tips to practice for how to Use ChatGPT and SEO for printables:

  1. Explore Audience Expectations: To better understand your target audience and their preferences, envision them as individuals who resonate with certain celebrities or influencers. This exercise helps you tailor your products to appeal to their interests. For example, if your audience is akin to Gwyneth Paltrow, you may consider developing products with a more sophisticated and trendy aesthetic.
  2. Conduct Keyword Research: Using KeySearch, search for relevant terms related to your product niche. In my example, I tried “Cowboy Christmas” and “Stress-Free Christmas Dinner Tips” as potential holiday printables ideas. I analyzed the search results, paid attention to the competition levels and domain authority.
  3. Identify Marketable Printables: Based on the search results, evaluate the potential marketability of your printables. Look for opportunities to create products that align with the theme, such as gift tags, SVGs, or quilt patterns. Keep track of these ideas in a Google spreadsheet for future reference.
  4. Broaden Your Scope: While focusing on your specific niche is crucial, consider branching out to related topics. In our case, exploring “Pets and Holidays” revealed the potential for creating resources on making holidays safer for pets. Brainstorm ideas like a pet holiday activity eBook, guides, or even customizable menu templates.

Once you get the hang of how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables, you are going to be ahead of the pack for creating content that people are actually looking for, as well as knowing the words they are using.

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables: ChatGPT

Once you have a list of potential product ideas, you go to ChatGPT to generate creative concepts. ChatGPT is an excellent and simple AI language model capable of assisting with content generation and idea exploration.

This ChatGPT step is the second step of learning how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables:

  1. Craft a Specific Prompt: Construct a prompt for ChatGPT, specifying your intent to receive ideas for a digital product related to stress-free holiday dinners. Ask for 25 ideas, including suggestions such as planners, bookmarks, and more. This is just a fancy way of saying, “Tell ChatGPT in detail, what you need”.
  2. Engage with ChatGPT: Interact with ChatGPT using your prompt, allowing it to generate unique and creative ideas for your printable products. Be open to its suggestions while considering their relevance and market appeal. As you get used to this process, it will become more natural.
  3. Refine Your Product Ideas: Review the generated ideas and select the most promising ones. Refine them further, tailoring them to your target audience’s needs and preferences. Eliminate ideas that may not align with your brand or are not feasible to produce.
  4. Outline Your Digital Guide: For the selected product idea, ask ChatGPT to create an outline of each page for your printable. I wrote an “Ultimate Guide to Planning a Holiday Party” that covered everything from stress management to creating a comfortable atmosphere during holiday dinners. ChatGPT outlines save you time and allow you to organize and structure your digital product pages effectively.
How to Use ChatGPT and SEO FOR Printables

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables at a Glance

In the realm of digital product creation, research is THE magic key to success. Let’s roam into this enchanted journey! Learning how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables is a process, so be patient with yourself. Remember, learning how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables is going to save you time. Most people make the mistake by using ChatGPT for ideas first. It’s more efficient to find what low competition keywords are FIRST, then build off that.

Here’s a Snapshot of How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for printables:

  1. Use your SEO Keyword Search Engine: Start by firing up your SEO keyword search tool of choice.
  2. Enter Your Topic and Analyze the SEO Product Results: Let’s say you’re considering creating a festive digital product. Enter a keyword phrase like “Holiday Planner” into your SEO tool. Analyze the competition level for your keyword phrase. While “Holiday Planner” might show intense competition, a less competitive, yet still appealing phrase like “Holiday Party Guide” could be your golden opportunity. (also known as red vs green, for those of us who are visual learners)
  3. Bring in the Power of ChatGPT With your keyword phrase in hand, turn to ChatGPT. Ask it to generate ideas for printables based on your chosen keyword phrase. The magic of ChatGPT lies in its ability to produce a variety of unique, creative, and marketable printable ideas. Saving you time and inspiring your creativity.
  4. Create an Outline for Your Printable Now that you’ve settled on a printable idea, it’s time to structure it. Ask ChatGPT for an outline of the printable pages.
  5. Merge AI Output and Your Knowledge: Armed with an outline from ChatGPT, it’s time to add your personal touch. Combine ChatGPT’S output with your own knowledge and creative ideas. Customize the content to match your brand voice, style, and target audience’s preferences. This fusion of AI and human creativity results in a unique but appealing digital product.

As a bonus step: while you’re learning how to use ChatGPT and SEO for printables, ask ChatGPT to generate the first product description for your new printable. Save this in a word doc in your product folder for future reference. It will serve as a starting point when you’re ready to create compelling product descriptions for your Etsy shop or other platforms.

How to Use ChatGPT and SEO to Find Printables Ideas to Sell: ChatGPT

Remember, the “how to use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables”, research process is not a rigid formula but a flexible guide. Feel free to tweak the steps to suit your needs and circumstances. The goal is to make your life easier, inspire your creativity, and optimize your digital products for success.

Want to see these steps in action? Check out my YouTube video where I demonstrate how I used the “How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for Printables” approach to develop a ‘Holiday Party Guide’ and a PLR article.

By combining the power of ChatGPT with SEO techniques, you will discover innovative printable ideas that will earn you money. Let’s continue to unleash the magic together in our journey of creating profitable printables.

I just used the “How to Use ChatGPT and SEO for printables” research process and created 2 fantastic digital products. Take a look at this PLR blog post article that I meticulously crafted using this systematic approach. It’s a testament to how blending ChatGPT with human creativity can result in engaging and marketable content. But the journey doesn’t stop there!

I also created an accompanying PLR Canva Template printable, a practical and visually appealing product ready to boost customers festive celebrations.

Both of these are available for purchase, presenting a wonderful opportunity for our clients looking to enrich their holiday season. Yet, these creations vividly illustrate the magic that unfolds when technology and imagination unite.

Remember to tailor your printables to your target audience and maintain a balance between creativity and market appeal. Embrace the “How to Use ChatGPT for printablesjourney and enjoy the process of bringing your unique printables to market. May your entrepreneurial endeavors be filled with success and magic!

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