How to Use PLR Products to Make Money and Save Time

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Use PLR products to save time and make money

What is PLR?

PLR is short for Private Label Rights. Another term that is used for PLR is “white label.” You may also see the term “resale rights” associated with this, as PLR content gives resale rights. Every other form of content that is produced has a copyright. Whether it’s an article, graphics, printables, or even a social media photo, almost everything has a copyright. Read on to learn how to use PLR to make money and save yourself a whole lotta time!

Use PLR products however you want because there are resell rights

PLR doesn’t have a copyright. When buying PLR, you can use the content you purchased however you want. The lack of copyright means you have the right to resell it. Whether it’s a planner or an article for a blog or an eBook, you pay for the right to use that product however you want when you purchase it.

Types of PLR

So now that we know what makes PLR what it is, we need to know what kinds of PLR we can buy. It is impossible to list every single type of PLR available for your online business, but here are the most common ones that are used to make money online:

  • Articles
  • Email reply
  • Email courses
  • Reports
  • Blog posts
  • E-books
  • Videos
  • Graphic Templates
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Planners
  • Courses
  • Basically, any product or content used online is likely to have a PLR component.

How does Private Label Rights work?

It works in one of two ways.

  • Generically
  • Branding/Styling

Let’s take 2 types of products to use as examples. A planner and an article I bought a PLR Dog Planner template, changed out the graphics and fonts, and removed some pages. You can see the difference in the cover images below. While I do know how to make a planner from scratch, it saves me a ton of time to buy a pre-made template.

The other PLR that I use is articles for my blog. I am a PLR blog post writer, but I also purchase PLR articles. Many will complain that PLR articles are poorly written. That’s not necessarily true.

As with anything, you must add your personal touch to the content. I use the basic information of an article to help me outline ideas, add my SEO, my “voice,” and my own ideas.

It’s like making a craft. Anyone can buy a plain wooden box from a craft store. However, it’s what the artist does to change that box that makes the box more valuable. Anyone can make a basic recipe, but it’s what one adds to the recipe that makes it their own.

It is the same thing with a PLR article. Adapting a commercial use article still takes some work, but it also saves time. Repurposing a wooden box into a decorative wooden box saves a lot of time because I don’t have to build the actual box.

How to make money with PLR products

How to Use PLR

Making money with PLR really depends on your online platform, or where and what you are selling. The goal is to use the PLR product that you buy as a source of content. This saves time, and time is money. PLR can also be sold as is, and that is another way to profit from Private Label Rights products. Here are some specific examples of how you can profit from these commercial use products.

  • Etsy: Change the graphics, font, and add or subtract pages from a Private Label Rights printable to sell in your shop.
  • YouTube: Add your own words to an article and use that for your YouTube script.
  • Bloggers: Buy an article that is about a subject your blog is about. Add your own tips to the post. Use different words to replace the PLR author’s “voice”. I use an AI editor to help me rephrase things and make sure my entire blog post sounds cohesive.
  • Shopify, WooCommerce, or any online shop: Change the graphics, font, and add or subtract pages to sell in your shop.
  • Social Media: Take a small piece of the white label article to add to your social media or come up with new ideas to share. Take the same piece of PLR and create a sequence of “themed” content in your posts.
  • Email: As with social media, break down the content and use it for a sequence of email content. Or simply buy premade email content then translate it into your own voice to save time and add value that helps your list subscribers.

Make more money, save more time

The key strategy for using Private Label Rights material and, let’s face it, getting your money’s worth is to repurpose. The same piece of content, whether it’s an article or a printable, can be used multiple times in several different places. I’ve given you some ideas above, but here is a quick checklist to get you started.

Tips for using your PLR to save time and make money
  • If you have a printable with several pages, take one page and offer it as a freebie (lead magnet) for people to sign up for your email list. Then, offer a discount price for the subscriber to purchase the whole pack. (This is frequently called a trip-wire.)
  • Combine several articles into an E-book to sell or give away as a lead magnet.
  • Combine several printables to create one unique printable, edit it, and sell it.
  • Turn a printable into a PDF, then use it as a lead magnet for personal use.
  • Print the content, bind it or have it bound, and sell it locally. (I do this with coloring books.)
  • Use an article as an outline for your blog.
  • Edit both the article and the printable to target your audience by gender, age, emotions, health, season, or earnings.
  • Niche your Private Label Rights Content: If you have a budgeting article, change it to “Budgeting for Single Moms”, add some perspective in the intro, and include a few examples or tips.
  • Use ti to create tips for social media such as 10 top tips to stay calm, 5 tips for self-care, and so forth.
  • Combine an article with a related printable. For example, edit a PLR self-care article and add a PLR habit tracker printable as a free download or to purchase. You could even offer both the article text and the printable as a “Self Care bundle” or e-book.
  • Offer your product as a bonus to the main product.
  • Offer a product to affiliates who promote your products.
  • Add the commercial use product to any of the products you already have to increase the value of a product.

Mistakes to Avoid with Commercial Use Content

Mistakes to avoid when using PLR
  • Plagiarism: Remember that countless people bought the same content you did. Many people use their commercial use content without changing it. With writing, this is especially dangerous.
  • Some will run the article through Copyscape to ensure the article’s content is original. Some Etsy sellers have been known to just list a printable product on Etsy with no changes. This is against Etsy policy.
  • Authenticity: The days of providing “general information” are long past. As content creators, we must provide valuable, unique content that our audience cannot get anywhere else. Do the extra work to make sure the content you purchased is changed into YOUR content because your audience wants content from you, not someone else.
  • Don’t hoard it: Many content creators find themself with too much white label content. I have a printable cleaning planner that has sat in my files for almost a year. After a certain amount of time, it is easy to forget what we bought. One way to manage this and stay on top of it is to create a Google slide to keep a record of it as you buy it. You also need to create a habit of going through the content you bought bi-weekly try to use it right away.
  • You can buy specific commercial use products that are relevant to what you already have: One thing that is tempting is to download every single free white label product that you are offered. Another tempting thing is to buy it because it’s on sale. Practice avoiding the “shiny object” syndrome. I know many content creators who have done both of these things, myself included. It’s not worth accumulating “Self-Care” because it’s free, when I don’t actually write or sell or talk about self-care at all. It’s just more stuff I have to keep track of, and it’s a distraction. Steer away from clutter, FREE clutter is still clutter.

The potential benefits of Private Label Right items are limitless. By using it, you save time by cutting down on the amount of time you spend creating content. Online creators make a profit this way because they don’t have to start from scratch, and a ready-made product increases the value of existing products. Many content creators have grown their platforms by infusing these products into their platform strategies.

Tips for buying PLR

Tips for buying quality work that has Private Label Rights

There is a lot of shabby content out there, especially when it comes to written content. If at all possible, try to get a free sample first.

Many  platforms provide a free product as a sample of the site’s content. If you are interested in the commercial use products that are being offered, subscribe by email to any of the places below. These emails will feature lots of creator’s products.

Tips for buying quality plr to make money with your blog

 When the  business does not have a sample available, I have purchased content from platforms that individuals I trust are sharing.

Here are the places where I buy PLR for my platforms:

That’s it! Please feel free to email me with any questions or comment below! I wish you the best success!

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