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Hey there, aspiring Virtual Assistant and Printables creator!

Welcome to YouNeePLR.com, a resource for your magical journey into the exciting world of digital content creation as a virtual assistant, printable creator, and blog post writer!

Whether you are considering dipping your feet in the water or diving into the deep end of digital content creation, this post is for you. If you are starting this journey as a side hustle, hoping to make it a full-time job, continue reading to learn more about becoming a Virtual Assistant and printable creation.

I’m sharing the  insights I’ve gained through my own mistakes and successes, so you don’t have to learn the hard and slow way like I did.

Continue reading to learn tips for becoming a virtual assistant by writing blog posts, and making printables for yourself and your clients.

(NOTE: Some of the links I share may be affiliate links, for which I get a small stipend.) These are tools I use now or have as a beginner.

Virtual Assistant: Unraveling the Role of a Digital Dynamo

  • Virtual assistants (VAs) handle various tasks for entrepreneurs and businesses, ranging from schedule management to writing blog posts, listing products in an online shop, creating social media content, and other Virtual Assistant and printable tasks.
  • Our focus here is to discuss becoming a blog post writer for bloggers, which gives you practice applying to other VA tasks, such as writing social media copy and crafting product descriptions.
  • Blog post writing, just like other VA tasks, requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization) knowledge to boost content visibility and attract more readers.
virtual assistant and printables

SEO Unwrapped: Demystifying the Magic Behind Blog Post Writing and Printables

  • SEO is the process of optimizing content to rank higher in search engine results when users search for relevant keywords.
  • Mastering SEO is crucial for freelance VAs, as it increases the chances of clients’ blog posts being discovered by their target audience.
  • Effective SEO practices drive more traffic to the blog posts, ultimately benefiting both the blogger and the VA.
  • Use Keysearch to find low-competition keywords relevant to the blog post topic.
  • Incorporate the SEO keywords throughout the blog post, using them naturally in paragraphs and bullet lists.
  • Enhance credibility by including external links to reputable sources related to the blog post topic.
  • Watch this to see a demonstration of how I use Keysearch for blog posts.

AI Magic for Wordsmiths: Quillbot and ChatGPT Boosting Your Virtual Assistant and Printables Game

  • AI tools like Quillbot and ChatGPT offer valuable assistance in improving writing quality.
  • ChatGPT is user-friendly, making it ideal for beginners, and comes with a budget-friendly monthly subscription.
  • Quillbot is a quality-focused tool, particularly popular among college students, providing grammar correction, sentence rephrasing, and various writing “voices” for enhanced tone. I use it because it is geared toward good writing, not good “online’ writing. (If you want to see what it looks like to use Quillbot, I show how it works on this YouTube video.)

Virtual Assistant and Printables Client Leads Unleashed:

  • Network within Facebook blogger groups, especially VA groups, to connect with bloggers who may require writing services.
  • Offer to write blog posts for a nominal rate of 2 cents per word or even for free to build a strong portfolio.
  • A well-constructed portfolio showcases your skills to potential clients and demonstrates them. Your portfolio should include several blog post examples on different topics and different types of printables you know how to create.
  • Focus on direct networking with bloggers rather than relying solely on competitive platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.
  • Positive recommendations from satisfied bloggers can lead to organic growth and more writing opportunities.

Embarking on your journey as a freelance virtual assistant, printables creator, and blog post writer might seem daunting, but armed with SEO knowledge and AI tools, you are ready to excel as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator.

Embrace the challenges, keep honing your skills, and enjoy the satisfaction of helping bloggers thrive through your  writing expertise.

Creating Profitable Printables: Unveiling the Tools

For those venturing into the world of Virtual Assistant and Printables, in particular Etsy printables, Alura and Everbee are game-changing tools. We’ll focus on the advantages of Alura’s scoring system, which ranks listings from low to high based on optimization criteria. This tool ensures your descriptions are long enough and include the right number of tags, highlighting word tags that need adjustment.

Etsy Shop Printables: Alura or Everbee – Your Optimization Allies

Alura’s easy-to-understand checklist format allows you to effortlessly optimize each listing by addressing individual areas for improvement. Additionally, Alura introduces you to Etsy SEO, explaining why specific changes are needed and offering thorough instructions for further research. The keyword finder in Alura proves invaluable, providing a wide range of keywords and detailed statistics, enhancing your Etsy keyword knowledge.

Everbee is great first step for learning about Etsy SEO, it isn’t as complicated as Alura. However, it is not as easy to do a fast, deep dive of a specific product on Everbee. Both tools have free versions!

SEO Made Simple: How Keysearch Elevates Online Shop Printables

For printables on platforms other than Etsy, Keysearch and ChatGPT are both great resources. This user-friendly tool simplifies SEO research by helping you find low-competition keywords relevant to your printable topic.

Armed with Keysearch, you’ll effortlessly incorporate these keywords into your content, boosting your printables’ visibility and expand your skills as a Virtual Assistant and printables creator.

Keysearch is a powerful tool that can help you find profitable keywords and topics that you will use as a Virtual Assistant and printables maker.

Unlocking Creativity: 14 Keysearch Prompts for Printables

  1. Monthly Planners: Discover trending keywords and popular topics for monthly planners, such as “2023 monthly planner,” “goal-oriented planner,” or “productivity planner.”
  2. Meal Planning Templates: Find high-ranking keywords for meal planning templates like “weekly meal planner,” “healthy meal planning,” or “family meal organizer.”
  3. Fitness and Workout Logs: Identify relevant keywords for fitness and workout logs, such as “fitness tracker,” “gym log template,” or “daily exercise planner.”
  4. Coloring Pages: Explore trending topics for coloring pages, like “mandala coloring sheets,” “animal coloring pages,” or “seasonal coloring templates.”
  5. Budgeting Worksheets: Discover top-performing keywords for budgeting worksheets, such as “personal finance planner,” “budget tracker,” or “expense tracker template.”
  6. Wedding Planning Checklists: Find SEO-friendly keywords for wedding planning checklists, such as “wedding timeline template,” “wedding checklist printable,” or “bridal planning organizer.”
  7. Travel Itinerary Templates: Identify popular keywords for travel itinerary templates like “vacation planner,” “travel planning checklist,” or “road trip itinerary.”
  8. Home Organization Printables: Explore trending topics for home organization printables, such as “decluttering checklist,” “home cleaning schedule,” or “storage solutions planner.”
  9. Educational Worksheets for Kids: Find high-ranking keywords for educational worksheets for kids, such as “preschool learning activities,” “math worksheets for grade 1,” or “alphabet tracing sheets.”
  10. Holiday Party Planning Templates: Identify SEO-friendly keywords for holiday party planning templates, like “Christmas party checklist,” “New Year’s Eve party planner,” or “Halloween party organizer.”
  11. Recipe Cards: Explore popular topics for recipe cards, such as “cooking conversion chart,” “recipe organizer template,” or “kitchen recipe binder.”
  12. Gardening and Plant Care Guides: Discover trending keywords for gardening and plant care guides, like “indoor plant care calendar,” “beginner’s gardening tips,” or “herb garden planner.”
  13. Baby Milestone Trackers: Find relevant keywords for baby milestone trackers, such as “baby’s first-year milestones,” “baby growth chart printable,” or “baby development tracker.”
  14. Journaling Prompts: Identify SEO-friendly keywords for journaling prompts, like “self-discovery journal,” “daily journaling ideas,” or “gratitude journaling prompts.”

Research and target the most relevant keywords for each of these printables, ensuring they reach a broader audience and attract potential customers to your digital content creations. If you want to see what this process looks like, watch my demonstration here.

Designing Printables with Canva and Creative Fabrica: Where Virtual Assistant and Printables Magic Happens

Designing printables is a breeze with Canva and Creative Fabrica Graphics. Canva is user-friendly for beginners. Canva gives you access to a vast library of graphics, but relying solely on its free graphics limits your creativity and ability to offer unique creations as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator.

By investing in a Creative Fabrica membership, you’ll unlock a world of high-quality graphics, you ensure your designs stand out and also allows you to make content for your client’s brand.

Think of Canva as the “toolbox” to create your design, while Creative Fabrica Graphics are the “gems” that add sparkle to your creations as a Virtual Assistant and printables expert.

  1. Free vs. Pro: Canva offers both free and Pro versions of its platform. The free version provides access to a wide range of graphics and templates, but some elements may have restrictions on their usage, especially for commercial purposes like selling printables. On the other hand, the Pro version grants access to a broader library of graphics and offers additional features, often with more relaxed licensing terms.
  2. Free Graphic Usage: When using Canva’s free graphics, it’s crucial to check the licensing terms for each element. Some graphics may only be allowed for personal use or may have limitations on their commercial usage. Using these free graphics for printable products that you intend to sell may violate the licensing terms and lead to potential legal issues.
  3. Canva Pro Graphics: With a Canva Pro subscription, you gain access to a wider range of graphics with more permissive licensing terms. Pro graphics are labeled  “Pro” within the Canva platform, indicating that they can be used for commercial purposes, including selling printables. Always verify the specific licensing terms for each Pro element to ensure compliance.
  4. Read the Fine Print: To ensure that you are using Canva’s graphics within the allowed licensing terms, carefully read the licensing information provided by Canva. You can find this information in the Canva website’s terms of use or in the licensing details listed next to each graphic while designing.
  5. Creative Fabrica Graphics: For more flexibility and commercial usage options, consider using graphics from Creative Fabrica. Creative Fabrica offers licenses that allow for commercial use, but familiarize yourself with their license.

When using Canva or Creative Fabrica, be mindful of the licensing terms associated with the graphics you use.

 I’ve had a Canva and Creative Fabrica membership since my early days selling semi-exclusive printables in a VA group part-time. These tools are now also used for my social media channels and email list. Both of these platforms are key for my Virtual Assistant and printables creator journey.

See my step-by-step guide for making your first printable here to learn how I use Creative Fabrica and Canva to create one.

Starting Your Online Shop: A Step-by-Step Guide to Printables Success

  1. Choose a Platform:  I suggest Etsy or Payhip. While Etsy does the work of bringing customers who are looking for your product, selling digital goods on Etsy can be difficult due to the sheer volume of competition. Payhip, on the other hand, allows you to list quickly and easily, but you must bring in your own customers.
  2. Create Your Shop Name: Choose a name that reflects your personality and is easy to remember.
  3. My name, Melissa Daenzer, is difficult to spell and remember, which is why it is not my brand for my Virtual Assistant and printables brand.
  4.  Your brand name should  not be too specific if you sell different types of printables but should be specific if you are selling one type of printable. Make certain that your colors reflect all of these characteristics as well.
  1. Design Your Shop Logo and Banner: Using Canva, create a visually appealing logo and banner that represent your shop’s identity. I recommend including the logo  and choosing a banner graphic that is easy to recognize on a cell phone.
  2. Write Shop Policies: Craft clear and concise shop policies that cover important aspects such as shipping, returns, and customer service. Transparency and professionalism are key to building trust with buyers. This may sound intimidating, but most online shopping platforms have suggested policies for sellers that are in accordance with the platform.
  3. Organize Each Printable in a Folder: Have at least ten printables ready to go with the listing descriptions and images before launching your shop.

Understanding There’s No Such Thing as Passive Income: You’ll need to consistently create and list new products, engage with customers, and adapt to market trends. The term “passive income” is misleading; instead, embrace the process of nurturing your shop and witnessing its growth over time.

I started off as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator for clients, it was a big disappointment that my own passive income $ didn’t happen as fast as I’d predicted.

 Use all of the platform’s listing photo and video features to show off your products.

Try to list new products on a regular basis, at least once a month. If you have several products, don’t upload them all at the same time to help your shop’s algorithm.

An algorithm is what computer programs use, such as Etsy or Google, to determine how and when your product is what a user is looking for.

This blog post walks you through the process of creating listing images and a video for your Etsy shop.

Promoting Your Digital Creations: A Fun-Filled Adventure

Let’s look at the way I found the easiest as a beginner to promote my shop.

The best way for beginners to  get their work seen by more people is by using Facebook and Pinterest.  Look for local-buy-and-sell community groups on Facebook and post your listing link there. For Pinterest, it’s simple to make a board and start pinning your online shop listings.

 I recommend taking the social media step last. Focus on getting at least 50 printables listed before worrying about social media platforms like Instagram, Tik Tok, Threads, and  YouTube. Spend your time honing your Virtual Assistant and printables content skills before spending valuable time on social media.

PLR: A Treasure Trove for Virtual Assistants and Printables Gurus

PLR stands for “Private Label Rights,” and it’s a fantastic resource for digital content Virtual Assistants and printables creators, especially beginners! PLR allows you to take a template and make minor changes, and it’s 10x faster than creating a product from scratch.

When I was a beginner, PLR helped me  hone my skills and learn new ones for my paid virtual assistant and printables content work. Many digital content creators use PLR to save time and effort while creating high-quality digital products like eBooks, blog posts, and printables. I still use PLR for some client work. There are also PLR articles which can be used as sales copy, social media copy, email copy for Virtual Assistants and printables content creation.

Examples of PLR include:

  • Pre-written blog posts and articles
  • Ebooks and reports on various topics
  • Graphics, templates, and design elements
  • Social media content and captions
  • Video courses and tutorials

Now that you know what PLR is, you must be wondering where to find these magical content treasures! The internet is teeming with PLR resources, but it’s essential to look for high-quality content. Look for reputable PLR providers and marketplaces that offer well-written and relevant content.

Places to buy awesome PLR to use as a Virtual Assistant and Printables Creator:

Remember to always change the PLR content to make it unique, especially for Etsy and for clients. It is common practice to change the graphics, fonts, add information to the pages. and  other personal touches you can add to make the product your own. (or for your clients as a virtual assistant and printables content creator.)

You may also want to sign up for my email list to get discounts and freebies for my PLR articles and printables.

Unlocking the Power of PLR

Using PLR content responsibly means making it uniquely yours and adding value for your audience. Here are some best practices for handling PLR responsibly:

  1. Customize and Add Your Voice: Don’t just slap your name on PLR content and call it a day. Inject your personality and expertise into it. Rewrite and rephrase sections to make it truly your own.
  2. Combine and Repurpose: Get creative with PLR! Combine different PLR elements to create something entirely new. For instance, use PLR articles to craft an eBook or repurpose blog posts into social media graphics.
  3. Always Read the Terms of Use: There is typically a Terms of Use PDF in the PLR that you buy.

PLR is a magical ingredient for beginners and experienced Virtual Assistants and printables creators alike. Embrace its power, use it responsibly, and watch your digital content business thrive with ease and creativity!

Virtual Assistant and Printables Secret: Repurposing Magic: One Thing for Many

Time is money. We can always make more money, but we cannot make more time. Saving time means increasing your potential to make money. That is why learning to repurpose and reuse your content is key to making the most of what you have.

Saving time by repurposing content allows you to make the most of your existing work as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator. Use the written content and graphics you already have and adapt them to your Facebook posts, your Pins, and social media.

With repurposing, you can produce more content in less time. Common things I do are to use a few pages of a planner as a freebie or change the size of a listing image and use it for a Pinterest image. As a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator, making the most of what I have allows me to make more new stuff.

By practicing the habit of repurposing,  you maximize efficiency, saving time and effort while also adapting your products to suit diverse audiences.

Time Mastery for Virtual Assistants and Printables Content Creators

Don’t overlook learning the skill of excellent time management. Having good time management skills is one of the top three reasons I am able to do so much as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator. Balancing a work life and a personal life is a lot easier when you know how to do more with less time.

Valuable Time Management Tips for Busy Digital Creators:

  1. Time Audit: Start by understanding how you currently allocate your time. Perform a time audit by tracking how long each task takes you. This includes creating the printable, listing it, conducting SEO research, and any other activities related to your digital content business.

Not only does a time audit show me where I may be wasting or losing track of my time, it also gives me a realistic framework for how long a task takes. This results in me setting more realistic goals. Virtual Assistants and printables creation for clients requires a deadline, and sometimes you will be required to make a printables or write a blog post at the last minute. This is where batching as a habit, kicks in to meet those due dates!

Hitting my goals leads to more work satisfaction, and much less stress time and time again as I travel the road of being a Virtual Assistant and printables creator.

  1. Embrace the Concept of “Batching”: Batching is a powerful time-saving technique. Instead of doing tasks sporadically throughout the day, group similar tasks together and complete them in one focused session.

I create multiple printables at the same time. I make my listing photos for all my products during the same time period. Then, I write my descriptions for multiple products at the same time. Finally, I list all the products as the last step (unless it’s on Etsy). The batching process takes practice, but is best practice for Virtual Assistants and printables content creators.

  1. Prioritize Tasks: Identify your most critical tasks and prioritize them accordingly. Focus on high-priority items first to ensure you tackle the most important aspects of your digital content business. This approach helps prevent getting overwhelmed and ensures you’re consistently making progress.
  2. Set Realistic Goals: Be mindful of setting achievable goals. Overcommitting yourself can lead to burnout and decreased productivity. Break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable chunks, and celebrate your accomplishments along the way.

I’ve learned that if I don’t make the most of my time, I’ll never get anywhere on my journey as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator. Instead, I will lose momentum and be much less productive if I am distracted by things or jump from one type of task to another.

Time management means developing a routine and knowing when to do what. It means surfing the wave rather than forgetting about the wave or missing the wave completely.

Embrace Your Journey: Virtual Assistant and Printables – Where Creativity Takes Flight!

Success as a Virtual Assistant and printables creator doesn’t happen overnight. The path has challenges, but each obstacle is an opportunity to learn and grow. Embrace the learning process and know that every step you take, no matter how small, brings you closer to your dreams.

Perseverance is the superpower of Virtual Assistants and printables creators, especially if you are learning all the skills from scratch.

Keep pushing forward, even on the days when it feels tough. The more consistent effort we put into our craft, the more we’ll see our efforts pay off.

I encourage each one of you to take action and implement the valuable tips we’ve discussed. Whether it’s repurposing content, leveraging PLR, mastering time management, or exploring new platforms, each step you take will lead you closer to your goals.

So, my friends, keep creating, keep learning, and keep growing. Your voice and creativity are your secret ingredients as a Virtual Assistant and printables content creator that is uniquely yours.

Let’s make our mark, make more money, and have more freedom!

I’m here to support you with more helpful tips and experiences along the way. If you have a question, leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to answer.

Get my digital content creator tips on YouTube or Facebook! Stay Magical!

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