Which is the best keyword research tool for Etsy? E-Rank vs. Alura

What is the best Etsy tool?

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Today we are talking about E-rank versus Alura as the best tool for Etsy listings. I love Alura, but E-Rank is also a popular listing tool. I’ve tried both E-Rank and Alura.

The main reason I think Alura is the best tool for Etsy is because it is so easy to learn and understand.

I have a creative background, and I also have quite a learning curve when it comes to technology. Alura is the best tool for Etsy because the data format is so easy to comprehend.

Also, using Alura is the best tool for Etsy because it helps those who are new or are not super-marketers to become savvy with our Etsy listings.

Sign up for your free Alura account here, and try for yourself!

When choosing the best tool for Etsy, you need to consider 3 things:

  • Are you a digital content creator or a handcrafter?
  • Are you savvy with data and manipulating data?
  • Are you a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Etsy seller?

Which is the Best Tool for Etsy: All about E-Rank

E-Rank is formally known as the Etsy-Rank keyword tool. E-Rank is one of the Etsy tools that provides a lot of great research options. However, when I used E-Rank, I had to take time to learn how to use it. Because time is money, my number one priority is to save it. It took me less than an hour to understand how to use the Alura listing tool. It took me many hours of exploring to figure out how to use E-Rank to optimize my listings.

I used E-rank for about six months. I updated some listings with it and it did help my listings get seen. I didn’t use all of the E-Rank features to their full capacity. It took so much time to figure out what each of the fields meant and what data to enter into each field. Entering the right data into each field of E-Rank is important because those results are what one needs to read to take action.

Etsy Rank Keyword Tool tips

However, many Etsy shop owners think the E-Rank tool is the best tool for Etsy. E-Rank has a great support group on Facebook. You can get any questions answered there. The creators of E-Rank run the group, and they are great at responding to confusion about something. The group is also very active as a whole, and will offer action tips or advice on how to make more sales using E-Rank data.

Spotted on Etsy Feature

E-Rank has several features one can use on its dashboard. Many Etsy shop sellers love the “spotted on Etsy” feature. This shows “the number of your listings E-Rank found on Etsy during keyword searches in the last 24 hours.” I don’t find this useful because I can get better data from the Sell on Etsy app. The Sell on Etsy app has a Search Terms section. This section shows what search words people are using to find my shop or listings. This is a cool feature, and it has also helped me discover other products to make. I found this method to be more helpful than using the “spotted on Etsy” feature.

There are 2 specific things that are helpful on the upper part of the E-Rank dashboard, as shown in the picture. One is the spelling issue, and the other is the one-word tag. Both of these are red flags to be fixed.

Etsy keyword search tool

Trending on Etsy Feature

This feature doesn’t help me very much as I create digital downloads. Having a snapshot of trending searches would be something to take into consideration as a hand crafter. Remember that Etsy was originally created as a platform for handmade items and supplies. While it changed to allow digital downloads, it is geared to be a marketplace for handcrafters.

If you are brand new to marketing, or online marketing, you may not be familiar with trends. If this is the case, the trending section at-a-glance will be very helpful. Some trends are obvious, especially holiday trends. You also should know, as a creator, when most people are going to buy your product. For example, while weddings are held year-round, Google says the most popular time is from May to October.

The trending feature can help with adjusting a product to a particular trend. You can click on a trend, and E-Rank will show you, in incredible detail, the most popular tags, categories, and keywords based on a hundred listings. If you use a fine-tooth comb for this data, it is possible to create a successful product based on this research.

The E-Rank dashboard also has other sections to investigate. You can investigate how Etsy compares to other marketplaces, what shops have the most sales on Etsy; and what the best keywords you are using in your Etsy shop listings.

Etsy Rank Free Etsy Keyword search tool

Most Sales on Etsy Feature

I know that handmade jewelry has been competitive for years. The other ones on the list are supplies. If you click on that list to retrieve more data, the top seller is frequently PlannerKate1. While the first five shops don’t help those who sell digital downloads, the PlannerKate1 does, I suppose. However, there are much more efficient ways to do product research than E-Rank. E-Rank is good for those who are data-hounds. They know what data to enter to get the data they need to optimize their shop.

Superstar Keywords Feature

I don’t find this helpful because keywords are in your title, your description, and your tags. They need to be long-tailed, aka more than one word, as you can see here. I have four one-word tags, so I need to make those two-word tags or three word packs if I can fit them in. That was helpful. But seeing my superstar keywords is not helpful. First of all, I know that they are major keywords; that’s why I chose them. Secondly, I need longtail keyword combination suggestions, such as “kids activities.” Third of all, I don’t even have my Valentine’s products listed right now because it’s August.

Marketplace Popularity Feature

The Marketplace Popularity is helpful for those who sell print-on-demand or handcrafted items. This section shows other platforms that are doing well, and how Etsy ranks among those platforms. I would use this to see what some of the other popular platforms are to sell on.

To E (-rank) or not to E (-rank), that is the question: Is ERank the best tool for Etsy?

I use E-Rank occasionally, but it’s not my favorite. Did you know that you have sold more items than 83% of other shops on Etsy? Keep up the good work! “message quite inspiring. The percentage changes based on how your shop is doing.

I like that E-Rank is free for a number of searches and reasonably priced for unlimited searches. E-Rank is not the best tool for Etsy because to find good tags and keywords, you need to have some background knowledge to figure out what to use based on the suggestions. I typed this into Puppy Planner and got this:

Etsy Rank keyword tool

Only 7 keywords came up and 2 of those are one word each, so I can’t use those 2 for tags. When I click on puppy planner, I pretty much get the same set of keywords. That means I have to find six more keywords using EtsySEO search or something else. This can be time-consuming.

E-Rank is not the best tool for Etsy because it’s not easy for new Etsy shop owners. To use E-Rank’s data, you need to have background knowledge of how to make a great Etsy shop listing to begin with.

E-Rank may be the best tool for Etsy for Etsy shop sellers who are used to interpreting data from the early 2000s. Some of the tweaks I made to my listings based on my E-Rank info did increase my listing views.

But I have over a hundred products in my shop, and using the E-Ranks method to optimize each listing was too time-consuming. In my experience, E-Rank is not the best tool for Etsy.

Which is the Best Tool for Etsy: All about Alura

Alura uses Etsy’s handbooks for its guidelines. I tested Alura’s features and researched what the Etsy handbook recommends, and Alura’s recommendations line up with the Etsy handbook. It also takes into account some Google SEO. E-Rank does this too, but Alura does it in an informative way, as opposed to a data wave. Instead of providing a Google CPC category, Alura tells you to change your description because of Google SEO.

The Etsy community recommends five listing pictures; Alura recommends 6. I recommend 10. I also recommend a video. Etsy recommends video, but I am saying it’s a requirement, not an option. You should have a video. Everything’s going to have a video version in 5 years, if not sooner. Use all 10 images and a video because the more people have to look at, the more likely they are to stay in your shop. The more time they spend in your shop, the more likely they are to buy.

Alura free Etsy keyword tool

Alura Listing Helper Feature

I absolutely love Alura’s scoring system and that is another reason it’s the best tool for Etsy. The listings are ranked from low to high. I have one listing at 75 because it doesn’t meet all of the criteria for an optimized listing. Is your description long enough and does it include the right number of tags? If you have one word tags, it will say so. You can go through and correct each listing individually by using the checklist format. I really like how my listings are organized into a big picture here.

Alura's Etsy Keyword Tool

There are 5 main optimization categories listed here. When I click on “Title,” it tells me I don’t have a focus keyword in my title. If I click on tags, it tells me I have 5 low quality tags. Usually this is because I have one word tags or I am using a category name for a tag. The Other category tells me I need more attributes. The checklist format makes it so easy to go through and update all of my listings that score lower than a hundred. In addition to that, I learned about EtsySEO. I also think that Alura is the best keyword tool for Etsy because it explains why you need to make changes.

For example, this happens for each section of the Listing Helper. You are shown “what” about the title you need to change and why. There’s also instruction on how to do further research in this area. Just go through the checklist. Do this for every part of your listing, and you will have a good optimized listing.

Etsy keyword help for titles

Keyword Finder Feature

The other thing that makes Alura the best tool for Etsy is the keyword finder. There are short tutorials on the page for each of Alura’s keyword and listing tools. I put in “puppy planner” here and got a list of several keywords, including “pet planner.” There’s a wide range to choose from. Above the keyword list is the opportunity to go into analytics and listings for whatever term you typed in the search bar. As you can see, there is also a big picture of overall statistics for that term. All of these sections provide Etsy keyword tips that are thorough and easy to understand.

Alura, free Etsy keyword tool

Best Tool for Etsy: Alura

I had several different types of items in my Etsy shop when I started using Alura. Alura gave me the puzzle pieces to understand the picture of my shop.

I unlisted some items. I narrowed down my niches and changed the name of my shop. My views and sales have increased and become more consistent because it helped my Etsy keyword ranking. This is the perfect tool for beginners to learn about EtsySEO as well. Alura is the best tool for Etsy.

So you can try either E-Rank or Alura to use a tool for Etsy that works best for you.

  • Both of these tools work if you apply them.
  • Both offer a free version, and then you can upgrade.
  • While using EtsySEO for listings is do-able, it’s not the most efficient way to optimize your listings.
  • You’ll need a great tool to help you to optimize your Etsy shop so you make sales right away, and Alura as the best tool for Etsy that puts you ahead of the curve.

I wish you the best success and stay magical!

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